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AUTEC GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1988 as a subcompany of the Südrad Autoräder GmbH based in Eberbach/Fils. Object of this enterprise was and is the development and distribution of light alloy wheels for automobiles.
In 1997 the company became the property of BCW Kraftfahrzeugtechnik GmbH. In the same year AUTEC´s headquarters relocated to Mutterstadt where an administrative building as well as a storage building for 40.000 wheels was situated.
Due to an extending demand and a consistent increase of the product range AUTEC moved to Schifferstadt in 2003 and enhanced its storage capacity up to 100.000 wheels, one year later up to 140.000 wheels on a storage area of 4.080 sqm.
AUTEC is 20 years on the market now and is characterized by modern production processes, a diversified product range, a fully developed quality control system and an immediate availability.
The company is a dependable, steady and solid partner for ever distributor in the aftermarket vor light alloy wheels. The company´s vision "If you do not go forwards, you go backwards" obligates AUTEC to meet the market´s changing demands in an optimum way.