Tires LASSA - Transway
All-season tires

LASSA Transway

The tire for maximum wet traction and ride comfort. The optimized tread pattern with zig-zag groove geometry on the center, notches and sipes on the center and shoulder ribs increases traction, improves handling and decreases braking distance in all weather conditions. The numerous sipes and grooves on the tread, and the new S-shaped bead filler profile, improves ride comfort in poor road conditions. The dimensions on the pattern have been optimized with an advanced simulation model in order to decrease tire noise to a minimum level.
• Jointless nylon cap ply reinforcement increases road grip by controlling dimensional stability of the tire.
• Wide base tread enables long life and enhanced dry traction.
• Advanced tread compound enhances wet and dry traction and reduces tread wear.
• Strong casing construction extends the service life of the tire.
• Monostrand, jointless bead bundle provides accurate fit to the rim and thus enables smooth and stable drive.
• Rugged steel belt construction enveloped with belt-end-gum at the edges provides reliable opperation in hot conditions.

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