Tires Lassa - Snoways ERA
Snoways ERA
Winter tires
205/55R17 91 H
G   C   72 dB

Lassa Snoways ERA

Feel the grip on ice and snow Lassa’s engineers designed the Snoways ERA by using a snow simulation program which helps to predict the non-linear characteristics of snow. This technology enables engineers to model the different characteristics of ice and snow on an optimized pattern design. In order to improve the winter performance, a new sipe technology has been applied to increase the contact are and biting edges on snow and ice. The increased density of zigzag sipes enhance the ice and snow performance by draining maximum water from ice surface to contribute to ice traction without compromising block stiffness. As a result of the technology improvements, the snow breaking distance is shorter and the highly developed tread pattern offers excellent control and grip on both snow and ice covered roads. Mane pattern characteristics are:
1.Maximum number of blocks with high sipe density. Enhances the “edge effect” for more biting edges and better traction.
2.Blocks with hydrodynamic shape. Reduce water flow around tread to reduce risk of aquaplaning.
3.Centre blocks with multi edges. Provide additional biting edges for optimum snow and ice performance.

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