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Impetus Revo
Summer tires

LASSA Impetus Revo

New Asymmetric Tread Pattern
Inner Side (Higher Void Ratio) - maximizes water evacuation and road grip in wet road conditions.
Rounded Block Edges – Reduces the turbulence during water flow and decreases the risk of hydroplaning. Reduces noise due to smooth impact when the block contacts ground
Slant Grooves with Optimum Design – Drains maximum amount of water from rib area into main grooves. Decrease the risk of hydroplaning.
Four Circumferential Main Grooves – Ensures maximum water drainage from the contact area to reduce risk of aquaplaning. Outer Side (Lower Void Ratio)
Enhances handling and stability on dry road conditions.
Closed Shoulder Rib – Reduces tire noise. Increase life. Delivers additional grip on dry road.
Continuous Center Rib – Enables better steering response and longitudinal stability.
Small Angle Groove – Enhances dry grip and slows down wear.
Blocks With High Stiffness in Lateral Direction – Maximizes lateral stability when maneuvering and cornering. Impetus Revo has been developed by the help of a simulation program which helps to predict every kind of behavior on wet surfaces. Thanks to this simulation program Impetus Revo provides excellent grip on wet surface, minimizing the risk of aquaplaning. By the help of a frequency simulation program, the individual sound waves are cancelled. Cancellation of individual waves enables a silent drive which will satisfy the drivers even looking for a drive as silent as winds. High Quality Silica and other special chemicals prevent rubber from hardening.
Maximum wet traction throughout the life of the tire.
Low rolling resistance resulting in lower fuel consumption.
Special Carbon Black Structure slows wearing resulting in long life. Joint less Layer and cap Plies – Enhance cornering performance and longitudinal stability at high speeds.
The new Impetus Revo has been designed for a range of touring cars mid range sedans to upper luxury sedans. The drivers seeking top quality and continuous riding comfort will be highly satisfied with the enhanced performance level. With the help of the new simulation program the vibration and the noise level has been minimized to give the ultimate acoustic comfort even after many thousands of kilometers.
Impetus Revo provides the drivers superb dry performance in handling, safest possible drive, and improved brake performance at every road stage. Thanks to the revolutionary technologies combined, the Impetus Revo gives responses to the drivers challenging maneuvers, and ensures maximized linear driving stability.

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