Tires Yokohama - G038 Geolandar H/T
G038 Geolandar H/T
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Yokohama G038 Geolandar H/T

The Geolandar H/T series consists of highway light truck tires designed for pickup truck and sport utility vehicle drivers and provide low noise, long life and solid overall performance on everything from back roads to interstate highways, even in light snow. Whilst still capable of light off road work, the G038 H/T offers a smooth quiet ride and the performance and handling you'd expect from a passenger car tyre for your 4WD.
The shoulder block and sipe arrangement has been designed to optimise the balance between on road wet performance and off road capability. On road the balanced design provides excellent high speed stability and ride comfort.
Twin wide grooves provide strong efficient water channelling from the contact area and make wet road braking traction and cornering more effective.
V Shaped centre block provides excellent contact with the road prompting exceptional noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) levels.
Shoulder block designed to aid wet road grip whilst enhancing NVH qualities and aiding traction in light off road conditions.

OE tire for Mercedes-Benz G500 and the tuning version AMG.

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