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Tires Pirelli - Scorpion Verde
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Tires Pirelli - Scorpion Verde
Scorpion Verde
summer tires
summer tires
4 x 4 tires
4 x 4 tires

Tire details

A Green Tire.  Available Only in Black.   

Las Vegas, NV - Pirelli continues to maintain its position as an industry leader in innovation and versatile fitments for all types of vehicles, and is pleased to introduce the Scorpion Verde All Season.  This tire, which is the newest addition to the Pirelli Scorpion Family of SUV, Crossover and Light Truck tires, will be unveiled at the Pirelli booth at the 2009 Speciality Equipment Marketing Association (SEMA) convention in Las Vegas.

Scorpion Verde All Season
The Scorpion Verde All Season is the Green Performance tire designed specifically for SUV's, Crossovers and Light Trucks.  It offers drivers increased performance in wet braking, dry handling, wet handling and snow traction, while reducing aquaplaning.      In addition, through decreased rolling resistance and an 8% reduction in weight, the Scorpion Verde All Season lowers CO2 emissions. 
The Scorpion Verde All Season's use of improved compounds helps deliver longer tread life for consumers.  It simply outperforms the competition with its optimized rubber to void ratio, special silica tread compound and uniform contact pressure.  All this means improved wear uniformity, which equals higher mileage and a stable footprint. 

Green Performance - It's all in the genes.
Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season's Green DNA is evident both in performance and in appearance. Each tire has Pirelli's EcoImpact icons on its sidewall.  The icons represent the ideas that make the Scorpion Verde All Season special.

Tire sizes
  215/65R16 102 H TL XL  
  215/70R16 100 H TL  
  225/70R16 103 H TL  
  235/70R16 106 H TL  
  245/70R16 107 H TL  
  215/65R17 99 V TL  
  225/65R17 102 H TL  
  235/65R17 108 V TL XL  
  255/60R17 106 V TL  
  215/55R18 99 V TL XL  
  225/55R18 98 V TL  
  235/55R18 100 V TL  
  255/55R18 109 V TL XL  
  255/55R18 109 Y TL XL  
  255/55R18 109 V TL XL  
  255/55R18 109 W TL XL  
  255/55R18 105 V TL  
  265/60R18 110 H TL  
  225/45R19 96 W TL XL  
  225/55R19 99 V TL  
  225/55R19 99 H TL  
  235/50R19 99 V TL  
  235/55R19 101 V TL  
  235/55R19 101 V TL  
  235/55R19 101 W TL  
  255/50R19 103 W TL  
  255/50R19 107 W TL XL  
  285/45R19 111 W TL XL  
  285/45R19 111 W TL XL  
  235/45R20 100 V TL XL  
  235/50R20 100 W TL  
  255/45R20 101 W TL  
  255/45R20 101 W TL  
  255/45R20 101 W TL  
  265/45R20 104 Y TL  
  275/45R20 110 W TL XL  
  275/50R20 109 W TL  
  285/45R20 112 Y TL XL  
  275/40R21 107 Y TL XL  
  275/40R21 107 Y TL XL  
  285/40R21 109 Y TL XL  
  275/35R22 104 W TL XL  
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