Tires Maxxis - HP5
Tires Maxxis - HP5

summer tires
summer tires
passenger cars tires
passenger cars tires

  195/50R16 88 V TL  
  215/55R16 93 V TL  
  205/45R17 88 W TL  
  205/50R17 93 W TL XL  
  205/55R17 95 V TL  
  215/40R17 87 W TL  
  215/50R17 91 W TL  
  235/45R17 97 W TL  
  235/55R17 99 V TL  
  245/40R18 97 W TL XL  
  245/50R18 104 W TL XL  
Tire information:
The Premitra HP5 delivers outstanding performance in wet and dry weather conditions due to its world leading technology and design. Its full-silica rubber compound has been developed to reduce excessive heat generation, as well as improve wear performance and durability. The multiple variable pitch tread and lateral groove design has been developed to reduce vibration noise, lower rolling resistance and enhance wet handling to minimise the chances of hydroplaning. High-speed stability and handling has been improved due to high strength steel belts, guaranteeing an outstanding sport performance.