Tires Kumho - HP91
Tires Kumho - HP91

summer tires
summer tires
4 x 4 tires
4 x 4 tires

  235/65R17 104 V TL  
  255/60R17 106 V TL  
  255/65R17 110 V TL  
  225/55R18 98 V TL  
  235/50R18 97 W TL  
  255/55R18 109 W TL XL  
  235/45R19 95 W TL  
  235/55R19 101 V TL  
  255/50R19 103 W TL  
  285/45R19 107 W TL  
  255/45R20 105 W TL XL  
  275/40R20 106 Y TL XL  
  275/45R20 110 Y TL XL  
  315/35R20 110 Y TL XL  
  295/35R21 107 Y TL XL  
Tire information:
Crugen HP91
Ultra high performance tyre for SUVs
• High technology material for optimal wet grip
• Driving stability even at high speed
• Low wear through high dispersible silica
• Outstanding resistance against aquaplaning
• High cornering stability
• New ESCOT technology for better handling

The handling performance modern suvs need. New to the Kumho range, the Crugen HP91 is a high- performance tyre for SUVs that offers optimum wet grip and good stability, even at high speed. Expect low wear, excellent aquaplaning resistance and better all-round handling.
• Maximum block rigidity and durability
• Efficient water evacuation, for reduced risk of aquaplaning
• Low wear through high dispersible silica
• Improved handling and stability on all surfaces