Tires Westlake - SA37
Tires Westlake - SA37

summer tires
summer tires
passenger cars tires
passenger cars tires
high-performance tires
high-performance tires

  205/50R16 87 W TL  
  205/55R16 91 V TL  
  215/55R16 93 W TL  
  225/50R16 92 W TL  
  225/55R16 99 W TL  
  205/40R17 84 W TL XL  
  205/45R17 88 W TL XL  
  205/50R17 93 W TL XL  
  215/40R17 87 W TL XL  
  215/45R17 91 W TL XL  
  215/50R17 95 W TL XL  
  215/55R17 98 W TL XL  
  225/45R17 94 W TL XL  
  235/45R17 97 W TL XL  
  235/55R17 103 W TL XL  
  245/45R17 99 W TL  
  215/45R18 93 W TL XL  
  235/40R18 95 W TL XL  
  245/40R18 97 Y TL XL  
  245/45R18 100 W TL XL  
  255/35R20 97 W TL XL  
Tire information:
Benefits and Features
New generation of asymmetric ultra high performance tyre for summer
SILICA TECH compound helps to enhance wet grip providing shorter braking distance
Strong center rib guarantees excellent handling on both wet and dry roads and on-center feel