Tires MOMO - W-4 SUV Pole
Tires MOMO - W-4 SUV Pole
W-4 SUV Pole

winter tires
winter tires
4 x 4 tires
4 x 4 tires

  205/70R15 96 T TL  
  215/65R16 98 H TL  
  215/60R17 96 H TL  
  225/65R17 106 H TL XL  
  235/55R17 103 H TL XL  
  235/65R17 108 H TL XL  
  225/55R18 102 V TL XL  
  235/50R18 101 V TL XL  
  235/55R18 104 H TL XL  
  235/60R18 107 H TL XL  
  255/55R18 109 V TL XL  
  255/60R18 112 H TL XL  
  235/55R19 105 V TL XL  
  255/50R19 107 V TL XL  
  275/40R20 106 V TL XL  
Tire information:
Comfort, safety, and optimized performances
on winter road conditions are the main
characteristics of the SUV Pole, developed
and designed specifically for SUVs and 4X4 cars.