Tires MOMO - W-1 North Pole
Tires MOMO - W-1 North Pole
W-1 North Pole

winter tires
winter tires
passenger cars tires
passenger cars tires

  155/70R13 75 T TL  
  165/70R13 79 T TL  
  165/70R14 81 T TL  
  175/65R14 82 H TL  
  185/55R14 80 H TL  
  185/60R14 82 H TL  
  185/65R14 86 T TL  
  145/65R15 72 T TL  
  175/55R15 77 H TL  
  185/55R15 82 H TL  
  185/60R15 84 H TL  
  185/65R15 88 H TL  
  195/60R15 88 H TL  
  195/65R15 91 H TL  
Tire information:
Designed and developed to improve traction and
handling performances in winter conditions.
The center rib of the tire improves maneuverability
and breaking performance, increasing grip and
providing a great stability.