Tires Yokohama - Geolandar I/T-S G073
Tires Yokohama - Geolandar I/T-S G073
Geolandar I/T-S G073

winter tires
winter tires
4 x 4 tires
4 x 4 tires

  195/80R15 96 Q TL  
  215/65R16 98 Q TL  
  235/65R18 106 Q TL  
  275/55R19 111 Q TL  
  275/50R20 113 Q TL XL  
  285/50R20 112 Q TL  
  265/45R21 104 Q TL  
Tire information:

Tread Pattern Design
Aggressive and Directional 3-D tread design
This tread design with original 3-D technologies will grasp the ice surface and give SUV owner’s peace of mind.

1) Power 3-D Belted Rib with tapered groove wall delivers extreme ice friction, stability on dry and reduces uneven wear with its maximized contact area and optimized contact pressure arrangement.
2) Twisted 3-D Shoulder Grooves with its slant tapered wall design deliver excellent stability by supporting each block.

3) 2 types of original 3-dimension shaped sipes are varied to get suitable effects and balances on each tread area. The surfaces of 3-D sipes avoid uneven deflection of blocks by supporting each other. It delivers excellent ice and snow performance with its maximized actual contact area and edge effects.

Micro Diagonal sipes
4) The diagonal shallow slits on the tyre tread surface provide optimum ice performance.