Tires Lassa - LC/T
Tires Lassa - LC/T

all-season tires
all-season tires
light-truck tires
light-truck tires

  6.50R16 108/107M TL L/10  
  8.5R17.5 121/120M TL L/12  
  185R14 102/100 P TL L/8  
  195R14 106/104 N TL L/8  
  225/70R15 112/110 Q TL C/8  
Tire information:
Traction tyre suitable for use on both front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive vehicles. 
•  Wide shoulder grooves for enhanced traction.
• Optimized rib-lug design for balanced lateral stability, ride comfort and long life and even wear.
• Strong carcass and stiff bead area for enhanced manoeuverability and streering response
• Cut and chip resistant compounds.
• Special pitch sequence - for quieter ride.