Tires Westlake - RP28
Tires Westlake - RP28

summer tires
summer tires
passenger cars tires
passenger cars tires

  155/70R13 75 T TL  
  165/70R13 79 T TL  
  165/80R13 83 T TL  
  175/70R13 82 T TL  
  165/65R14 79 T TL  
  165/70R14 81 T TL  
  175/65R14 82 H TL  
  175/70R14 84 T TL  
  185/55R14 80 V TL  
  185/60R14 82 H TL  
  185/65R14 86 H TL  
  185/70R14 88 T TL  
  195/60R14 86 H TL  
  185/55R15 82 V TL  
  185/60R15 84 H TL  
  185/65R15 88 H TL  
  195/50R15 82 V TL  
  195/55R15 85 V TL  
  195/60R15 88 H TL  
  195/65R15 91 V TL  
  205/60R15 91 H TL  
  205/65R15 94 H TL  
  205/55R16 91 V TL  
  205/60R16 92 H TL  
  215/55R16 93 V TL  
  215/60R16 95 H TL  
  215/65R16 98 H TL  
  225/60R16 98 H TL  
Tire information:
A comfortable ride premium touring tire
Computer aided designed tread offering low noise and excellent water drainage
“SILICA TECH“ compounding technology ensuring low rolling resistance and saving fuel expenditure
Improved shoulder sipes providing better handling during cornering
“Silica Tech“ is adopted for low rolling resistance resulting in better fuel efficiency.
Various sipe pitches helps to reduces noise for a quiet and comfortable ride.