Tires Maxxis - WP05
Tires Maxxis - WP05

winter tires
winter tires
passenger cars tires
passenger cars tires

  155/65R14 79 T TL XL  
  165/70R14 85 T TL XL  
  175/65R14 82 T TL  
  175/65R14 86 T TL XL  
  175/70R14 84 T TL  
  185/60R14 82 T TL  
  185/65R14 86 H TL  
  195/65R14 90 T TL  
  135/70R15 70 T TL  
  145/65R15 72 T TL  
  175/55R15 77 T TL  
  195/50R15 86 H TL XL  
  195/55R15 89 H TL XL  
  195/65R15 91 T TL  
  215/65R15 100 H TL XL  
  205/55R16 91 T TL  
  205/55R16 91 H TL  
  205/60R16 96 H TL XL  
Tire information:
Excellent braking and handling performance, providing driving comfort and safety in snowy conditions.
Good grip in snow and mud, delivering superb traction.
Independent block design ensures extra grip at the tyres edge, improving grip in winter conditions and enhancing handling performance and braking in snow.