Tires Kumho - HS51
Tires Kumho - HS51

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summer tires
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passenger cars tires

  195/45R15 78 V TL  
  195/50R15 82 V TL  
  195/55R15 85 V TL  
  195/65R15 91 V TL  
  205/60R15 91 V TL  
  185/50R16 81 V TL  
  205/50R16 87 V TL  
  205/55R16 91 V TL  
  205/60R16 92 H TL  
  215/55R16 93 V TL  
  225/50R16 92 V TL  
  225/55R16 95 W TL  
  205/55R17 91 W TL  
  215/50R17 91 W TL  
  225/45R17 91 W TL  
  225/50R17 98 W TL XL  
  225/55R17 101 W TL XL  
  235/55R17 103 W TL XL  
  245/45R17 95 W TL  
  235/45R18 94 V TL  
Tire information:
In the past you were given the choice; comfort or high performance, not both.
Well now, things have changed with the development of new ’harmony sports tyre‘ – the Kumho Solus HS51 (Ultra High Performance) with its cutting edge tread design and high-tech compound brings the best of both worlds.
Precision handling and braking combined with smoothness and quietness.
Together with the road in perfect harmony
Newly developed premium tyre for luxury vehicles
Maximum comfort combined with the highest safety
Improved braking performance
Excellent traction on wet & dry roads
High mileage and even wear
Optimal handling
Dynamic design