Tires Maxxis - SP-02 Arctic Trekker
Tires Maxxis - SP-02 Arctic Trekker
SP-02 Arctic Trekker

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  175/65R15 84 T TL  
  185/55R15 82 T TL  
  185/60R15 84 T TL  
  195/60R15 88 T TL  
  205/65R15 94 T TL  
  195/50R16 84 T TL  
  195/55R16 91 T TL XL  
  205/45R16 83 T TL  
  205/65R16 95 T TL  
  225/55R16 99 T TL XL  
  205/50R17 93 T TL XL  
  215/50R17 91 T TL  
  215/55R17 98 T TL XL  
  225/45R17 94 T TL XL  
  225/50R17 98 T TL XL  
  225/55R17 101 T TL XL  
  235/45R17 97 T TL  
  235/50R17 100 T TL XL  
  235/55R17 99 S TL  
  245/45R17 99 S TL XL  
  225/40R18 92 S TL XL  
  225/45R18 95 S TL XL  
  235/50R18 97 S TL  
  245/40R18 93 S TL  
  245/45R18 100 S TL XL  
  255/55R18 105 S TL  
  255/40R19 100 S TL XL  
Tire information:
Asymmetrical snow tire designed for European winter conditions
* High-density 3D ripple sipes
* Silica-infused tread compound
* Saw-tooth pattern design * Bridged shoulder blocks
* M&S/Mountain Snowflake symbol certification
Improve overall wear pattern and traction on snow and icy surfaces
* Widens operational temperature range and increases traction on snow and ice
* Offers superior handling and traction on snow surfaces
* Increase tread stiffness and improve tread contact and cornering stability