Tires Kumho - KC53 PorTran
Tires Kumho - KC53 PorTran
KC53 PorTran

summer tires
summer tires
light-truck tires
light-truck tires

  185/11R14 102/100 R TL C8  
  195/11R14 106/104 R TL C8  
  195/70R15 104/102 R TL C8  
  205/70R15 106/104 R TL C/8  
  225/70R15 112/110 R TL C8  
  195/75R16 107/105 T TL C8  
  215/75R16 116/114 R TL C10  
  235/65R16 115/113 R TL C8  
Tire information:
Designed for maximum performance on the latest generation of commercial vans. Superb high-speed handing combined with low tread wear.

Outstanding dry handling, even under maximum load
Precise steering ability when cornering, especially in wet conditions
High durability and low fuel consumption
improved wet handling and reduced risk of aquaplaning