Tires Lassa - LC/R
Tires Lassa - LC/R

all-season tires
all-season tires
light-truck tires
light-truck tires

  155R12 88/86 N TL L/8  
  155R13 90/89 R TL L/6  
  165R13 91/89 P TL L/6  
  185/75R14 102/100 Q TL C  
Tire information:
Long life light truck radial tyre with excellent handling, stability and ride comfort. 
• Modern four-rib all-position tread design with improved stability and wear life.
• "V" shaped lateral sipes on tread centre for improved wet performance and ride comfort. 
• Radial sipes at the shoulder for better steering ability on rough roads. 
• Reinforced belt design with double wound nylon and layer construction for excellent retreadability and reliability. 
• Wide shoulder ribs - for better cornering.
• Special tread compound for both long wear life and improved wet traction 
• Reliable performance and cornering safety provided by its advanced bead area design.