Tires Yokohama - W.Drive V903
Tires Yokohama - W.Drive V903
W.Drive V903

winter tires
winter tires
passenger cars tires
passenger cars tires

  155/65R13 73 T  
  175/70R13 82 T  
  155/65R14 75 T  
  165/60R14 79 T XL  
  165/65R14 79 T  
  165/70R14 81 T  
  165/70R14 81 T  
  175/65R14 82 T  
  185/60R14 82 T  
  185/65R14 86 T  
  155/60R15 74 T  
  165/65R15 81 T  
  175/55R15 77 T  
  175/60R15 81 T  
  175/65R15 84 T  
  185/65R15 88 T  
  185/65R15 88 T  
  175/60R16 82 H TL  
  195/45R16 84 H XL  
Tire information:
• Drivers who require high performance in "all conditions" during the winter season
• Extreme drainage performance on snow and wet
• Sure driving feeling on high-speed cruising
• Fuel-efficient tyre with low rolling resistance
• Excellent mileage performance
• Direct feeling on snow and wet surface
• Superior stability on high-speed cruising
• Low fuel consumption with its low RRC
• Directional tread design provides "direct-feel" and traction on snow/slush surfaces, and excellent drainage on wet surfaces.
• Zig-Zag main straight grooves provide excellent traction with theirgroove edges.They also provide high drainage which avoids hydroplaning on wet surfaces with a "see-through" arrangement.