Tires Westlake - SC 301
Tires Westlake - SC 301
SC 301

summer tires
summer tires
light-truck tires
light-truck tires

  185R14 102/100 Q TL C8  
  205R14 109/107 Q TL C8  
  185R15 103/102 Q TL C8  
  195/70R15 104/102 R TL C8  
  205/70R15 104/102 S TL C6  
  215/70R15 106/104 R TL C6  
  225/70R15 112/110 R TL C8  
  215/60R16 108/106 T TL C8  
Tire information:
      Sturdy steel belt, stiff apex, high-density pattern design and abrasion-resistance compound in tread rubber all satisfy the application demands of commercial vehicle.
        - Robust tyre casing provides sufficient lateral holding power;
        - Excellent driving stability;
        - Superior traction and braking ability on wet road.