Tires Kumho - KH17 Solus
Tires Kumho - KH17 Solus
KH17 Solus

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summer tires
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passenger cars tires

  145/70R13 71 T TL  
  145/80R13 75 T TL  
  155/65R13 73 H TL  
  155/70R13 75 T TL  
  155/80R13 79 T TL  
  165/70R13 79 T TL  
  175/60R13 77 H TL  
  175/70R13 82 T TL  
  185/70R13 86 T TL  
  155/65R14 75 T TL  
  165/60R14 75 T TL  
  165/65R14 79 T TL  
  165/70R14 81 T TL  
  175/60R14 79 T TL  
  175/65R14 82 T TL  
  175/70R14 84 T TL  
  185/60R14 82 T TL  
  185/65R14 86 T TL  
  185/70R14 88 T TL  
  195/60R14 86 H TL  
  135/70R15 70 T TL  
  145/65R15 72 T TL  
  165/65R15 81 H TL  
  175/55R15 77 T TL  
  175/60R15 81 H TL  
  175/65R15 84 T TL  
  185/65R15 88 H TL  
  215/65R15 96 H TL  
  215/65R15 96 H TL  
  225/60R15 96 W TL  
  215/60R16 95 V TL  
  225/50R17 94 V TL  
Tire information:
The new Kumho KH17 Solus invokes You to relax and drive off … KH17 Solus is specially designed to give to the driver a maximum level of comfort, security and reliability during the trip. Its unique tread design offers modern look and high driving standards, even when driving with high speed.
• The tire is equipped with large shoulder blocks to achieve greater stability and maximum cornering performance. For enhancing the resistance to aquaplaning and improving the wet grip KH17 has three wide circumferential grooves.
• The central wavy channels further contribute to the performance and reliability while driving on wet surfaces.
• The special tread blocks location reduces tyre noise and improves handling performance and stability. The continuous center rib helps for better control when driving on dry roads with high speed. KUMHO SOLUS KH 17 has new silica compound for better driving comfort and lower noise levels.