Tires Maxxis - MA-W2 Wintermaxx
Tires Maxxis - MA-W2 Wintermaxx
MA-W2 Wintermaxx

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winter tires
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  155/11R12 88/86 R 8PR  
  165/70R14 89/87 R TL C6  
  175/65R14 90/88 T TL C6  
  175R14 99/98 R C  
  185/11R14 102/100 R TL C8  
  195/11R14 106/104 R TL C8  
  205R14 109/107 R TL C8  
  185R15 103/102 R 8PR  
  195/70R15 104/102 R TL C8  
  205/65R15 102/100 T TL C6  
  205/70R15 106/104 R TL C8  
  215/70R15 109/107 R TL C8  
  225/70R15 112/110 R TL C8  
  175/75R16 101/99 R C  
  185/75R16 104/102 R 8PR  
  195/60R16 99/97 T TL C6  
  195/65R16 104/102 T TL C8  
  195/75R16 107/105 R TL C8  
  205/60R16 100/98 T TL C6  
  205/65R16 107/105 T TL C8  
  205/75R16 110/108 R TL C8  
  215/60R16 103/101 T TL C6  
  215/65R16 109/107 T TL C8  
  215/75R16 113/111 R TL C8  
  225/65R16 112/110 R C  
  225/75R16 118/116 R TL 10PR  
  235/65R16 115/113 R C  
Tire information:
The MA-W2 Wintermaxx radial is ideal for commercial vans traveling in the most severe winter weather. Designed with a unique symmetrical zigzag tread for enhanced traction, the MA-W2 features multiple biting edges, enhancing winter performance without sacrificing dry performance. • High number of sipes • Random pitch arrangement • Advanced tread compound formulation • Excellent snow traction. • Outstanding traction and quick braking • Superior water drainage and snow removal