Tires Kumho - KH15 Solus 4x4
Tires Kumho - KH15 Solus 4x4
KH15 Solus 4x4

summer tires
summer tires
4 x 4 tires
4 x 4 tires

  255/60R18 108 H TL  
Tire information:
Low noise tyre for safe and comfortable driving. Outstanding on wet and dry roads. Design characteristics of KH15 are based on tread patterns through accumulated scientific know-how and modern style of sidewall design. Optimum design for maximum performance:
• Straight longitudinal four grooves prevent hydroplaning, leading to the benefits of water draining.
• Streamlined center blocks are designed by fluid-analysis program to maximize high-speed stability and water draining.
• Shoulder blocks are aligned for minimum noise in use and for the extreme mileage and lateral wet traction.
• Sipe density and geometry designed by supercomputer maximizes driving and braking capability on both wet and dry roads.
• Unique design technique “FRT(fibonacci ratio technology)” enables the tyre to idealize the radius of tread surface on roads for maximum running performance.
• Noise reduction is realized by randomly arraying pitches through unique Chaos Random Technology (CRT).
• KUMHO’s unique theory “ESCOT” is behind the tyre performance by optimizing contacted tread line, carcass line and belt edge strain
• Special tread compound improves driving and braking forces and wet driving performance.
• Ultra hard filler of special rubber is inserted inside apex to increase high-speed stability and lateral grip under cornering.
• Bead wire : Special structure and material are applied for high load capacity and for blocking vibration from roads.