Tires Yokohama - W.Drive V902 SUV
Tires Yokohama - W.Drive V902 SUV
W.Drive V902 SUV

winter tires
winter tires
4 x 4 tires
4 x 4 tires

  225/65R16 100 H  
  215/60R17 96 H  
  225/60R17 99 H  
  225/65R17 102 H  
  235/60R17 102 H  
  235/65R17 108 H  
  255/60R17 106 H  
  275/55R17 109 V  
  285/65R17 116 H  
  235/55R18 100 V  
  235/60R18 107 H XL  
  235/60R18 107 H TL XL  
  255/55R18 109 V XL  
  255/60R18 112 H XL  
  285/60R18 116 H  
  225/55R19 99 V  
  235/55R19 101 V  
  255/50R19 107 V XL  
  255/55R19 111 V XL  
  265/50R19 110 V TL XL  
  265/50R19 110 V XL  
  275/45R19 108 V XL  
  285/45R19 111 V XL  
  235/55R20 102 V  
  255/45R20 105 V TL XL  
  255/50R20 109 V TL XL  
  255/50R20 109 V XL  
  275/40R20 106 V XL  
  275/45R20 110 V XL  
  295/40R20 110 V XL  
  315/35R20 110 V XL  
  295/35R21 107 V XL  
  295/40R21 111 V XL  
  295/30R22 103 V XL  
Tire information:
No more compromises in winter driving
• Hi-rigid block alignment provides handling stability on dry surfaces
• Asymmetric tread design provides hi-balanced performance in dry, snow and wet conditions
• Inside zone has moderate stiffness blocks and effective grooves for snow traction
• Optimally aligned 3-main straight grooves drain snow, slush and water effectively, and keep maximum contact area on any road surface
• Optimized lug grooves with 66 pitch around the circumference drain snow and slush effectively, and provide more traction Polymer – Keep more softness and flexibility at a low temperature Micro Silica – New Silica has smaller particle size than conventional one. This micro-silica ensures higher rigidity and stability of tread compound even by using a softer compound ZERUMA – This original processing agent helps disperse silica throughout the compound