Tires Kumho - KL71 Road Venture M/T
Tires Kumho - KL71 Road Venture M/T
KL71 Road Venture M/T

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all-season tires
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4 x 4 tires

  31x10.5R15 109Q TL 6PR  
  33x12.5R15 108Q TL 6PR  
  30x9.5R15 104Q TL 6PR  
  35x12.5R15 113Q TL 6PR  
  195R15 100 Q TL XL  
  215/75R15 106/103 Q TL 8PR  
  235/75R15 104/101 Q TL 6PR  
  205/80R16 104 Q TL XL  
  225/75R16 115 Q TL 10PR  
  235/85R16 120/116 Q TL 10PR  
  245/75R16 120/116 Q TL 10PR  
  265/75R16 119/116 Q TL 8PR  
  265/70R17 121 Q TL 10PR  
Tire information:
SUV/Light Truck/RV Radial The latest in KUMHO technology has created a true mud terrain tire with great street manners and very low noise levels. The Road Venture MT is the perfect choice for the street bound 4X4 that wants the ultra aggressive look of an off road tire with large rim diameters. At home in mild or wild off road conditions, from tame gravel roads to deep mud, the Road Venture MT KL71 provides excellent off road traction. Special Features:
• Durable cut & chip tread prevents cut & chip even under the roughest driving condition.
• Undertread for ride comfort - A newly developed compound has been used between the tread and steel belt. This blocks out impact and noise from the road surface and enhances ride comfort.
• High tensile steel belt & jointless cap ply enhance durability and reduce noise levels.
• Dual body plies protect the KL71 from the stress of on and off road use.