Tires Yokohama - ADVAN Sport V103
Tires Yokohama - ADVAN Sport V103
ADVAN Sport V103

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  205/50R17 93 Y TL XL  
  205/55R17 91 Y TL  
  225/45R17 94 Y TL RF  
  225/50R17 98 Y TL  
  225/55R17 101 Y TL XL  
  235/45R17 97 Y TL RF  
  235/50R17 96 Y TL  
  235/50R17 100 W TL XL  
  235/55R17 103 Y TL RF  
  245/40R17 91 Y TL  
  245/45R17 99 Y TL  
  255/40R17 94 Y TL  
  215/45R18 89 Y TL  
  225/40R18 92 Y TL XL  
  225/45R18 95 Y TL XL  
  225/45R18 91 Y TL  
  225/50R18 95 W TL  
  235/40R18 95 Y TL XL  
  235/50R18 101 W TL XL  
  235/55R18 100 Y TL  
  245/40R18 97 Y TL RF  
  245/45R18 100 Y TL RF  
  255/35R18 94 Y TL RF  
  255/40R18 99 Y TL RF  
  255/45R18 103 Y TL RF  
  265/35R18 97 Y TL  
  265/40R18 101 Y TL RF  
  275/35R18 95 Y TL  
  275/40R18 103 Y TL RF  
  285/35R18 101 Y TL RF  
  295/35R18 99 Y TL  
  225/35R19 88 Y TL  
  235/35R19 91 Y TL XL  
  235/45R19 95 Y TL  
  245/35R19 93 Y TL  
  245/40R19 98 Y TL RF  
  245/45R19 98 Y TL  
  255/30R19 91 Y TL RF  
  255/35R19 96 Y TL XL  
  255/40R19 100 Y TL RF  
  265/30R19 93 Y TL  
  265/35R19 98 Y TL XL  
  275/35R19 100 Y TL RF  
  275/40R19 105 Y TL RF  
  285/35R19 99 Y TL  
  295/30R19 100 Y TL  
  305/30R19 102 Y TL XL  
  245/35R20 95 Y TL RF  
  245/40R20 99 Y TL RF  
  255/35R20 97 Y TL RF  
  265/35R20 99 Y TL RF  
  275/35R20 102 Y TL RF  
  285/30R20 99 Y TL RF  
  285/35R20 100 Y TL  
  255/30R21 93 Y TL  
  285/30R21 100 Y TL  
  295/30R21 102 Y TL  
Tire information:
A super sports tire with ultra high-speed capabilities (over 300 km/h) for super cars. Flagship of the ADVAN series tires. ADVAN Sport offers balance at high level, giving not only sporty performance, but also excellent characteristics on wet pavement, a good ride, low noise, and so on. Ideal for performance cars, from high-powered saloons to tuner cars. The ADVAN Sport maximizes performance at high speed and in severe wet conditions, with unique asymmetrical pattern featuring four wide, straight grooves. It offers stable driving performance even on the highway in heavy rain. What's more, dimples even on the siping help channel water to the outside of the tire to more maintain better contact with the road. Slits in the tread block help reduce noise after the tire starts to wear. A silica blend improves grip even at low temperatures. Combined with the unique tread pattern, this gives ADVAN an even greater grip in wet conditions. Even at ultra high speed, ADVAN Sport provides stable handling and responsive yet comfortable steering in high-speed lane changes and other maneuvers.