Tires Pirelli - Scorpion Ice&Snow
Tires Pirelli - Scorpion Ice&Snow
Scorpion Ice&Snow

winter tires
winter tires
4 x 4 tires
4 x 4 tires

  235/75R15 105 T TL  
  215/65R16 98 T TL  
  215/70R16 100 T TL  
  225/70R16 102 T TL  
  235/70R16 105 T TL  
  235/70R16 105 T TL  
  245/70R16 107 T TL  
  255/65R16 109 T TL  
  265/70R16 112 T TL  
  225/65R17 102 T TL  
  235/60R17 106 H XL  
  235/65R17 108 H TL XL  
  235/65R17 108 H TL XL  
  245/65R17 111 H TL XL  
  255/60R17 106 H TL  
  255/65R17 110 H TL  
  265/65R17 112 T TL  
  275/55R17 109 H TL  
  235/55R18 104 H TL XL  
  235/60R18 107 H TL XL  
  235/65R18 110 H TL XL  
  235/65R18 110 H TL XL  
  245/60R18 105 H TL  
  255/55R18 109 V TL XL  
  255/55R18 109 H TL XL  
  255/55R18 109 H TL XL  
  255/60R18 112 H TL XL  
  265/60R18 110 H TL  
  235/55R19 105 H TL XL  
  255/50R19 107 V TL XL  
  255/50R19 107 H TL XL  
  255/50R19 107 V TL XL  
  255/55R19 111 H TL XL  
  265/50R19 110 V TL XL  
  265/55R19 109 V TL  
  265/55R19 109 V TL  
  275/45R19 108 V TL XL  
  285/45R19 111 V TL XL  
  285/45R19 107 V TL  
  255/45R20 105 V TL XL  
  255/50R20 109 V TL XL  
  265/45R20 108 V TL XL  
  265/50R20 111 H TL XL  
  275/40R20 106 V TL XL  
  275/40R20 106 V TL XL  
  275/45R20 110 V TL XL  
  275/50R20 109 H TL  
  295/40R20 110 V TL XL  
  295/45R20 114 V TL XL  
  315/35R20 110 V TL XL  
  265/45R21 104 H TL  
  285/35R21 105 V TL XL  
  295/35R21 107 V TL XL  
  325/30R21 108 V TL XL  
Tire information:
Love the Traction: Specifically designed to enhance the low-temperature performance of fast, luxury Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV), Scorpion Ice & Snow is the ideal solution to ensure maximum mobility.
Love the Off-road: Like all Scorpion products, safety and comfort are prioritized in the tire design and full control is assured even under the most demanding conditions. Scorpion Ice & Snow bestows great versatility and balance, working at low temperature even on graveled and rough surfaces. Its strength is derived from the specialized compound and profile, incorporating the technological know-how and the experience acquired in the development process of the ‘Scorpion by Pirelli’ off-road range.
• High resistance to aquaplaning: the specifically angled roves, more than 10 mm deep, promote rapid water expulsion as well as retaining fresh snow to generate positive friction on snow-bound surfaces.
• Effective traction and safe braking: the new tread pattern design – with unique vertical and horizontal sipes – ensures snow retention, whilst retaining the ability to respond to all other road surfaces – dry and wet asphalt and gravel – even at high speed.