Tires Lassa - Atracta
Tires Lassa - Atracta

summer tires
summer tires
passenger cars tires
passenger cars tires

  155/65R13 73 T TL  
  155/70R13 75 T TL  
  165/65R13 77 T TL  
  165/70R13 79 T TL  
  175/65R13 80 T TL  
  175/70R13 82 T TL  
  185/70R13 86 T TL  
  165/60R14 75 T TL  
  165/60R14 75 H TL  
  165/65R14 79 T TL  
  165/70R14 85 T TL XL  
  165/70R14 81 T TL  
  175/65R14 82 T TL  
  175/65R14 86 T TL XL  
  175/70R14 84 T TL  
  185/65R14 86 T TL  
  185/70R14 88 T TL  
  175/65R15 84 T TL  
  195/65R15 91 H TL  
  195/65R15 95 T TL XL  
Tire information:
The advanced asymmetric tread pattern ensures greater handling in all weather conditions.
• Jointless nylon cap ply reinforcement increase road grip by controlling dimensional stability.
• Wide base tread enables long life and enhanced dry traction.
• Special tread compound enhances wet traction without compromising the long life of the tyre.
• Strong sidewall construction minimizes the risk of sidewall damage.
• Optimum casing profile absorbs shocks and minimizes the effect of any surface irregularities on the road.
• Advanced bead area construction with high fillers optimizes ride comfort. Dry side – facing the outside of the vehicle.
• Tread has reduced groove density.
• Higher stiffness of the tread blocks increases handling and stability of the car. Wet side - facing the inside of the vehicle
• Tread has increased grooves density
• Grooves and blocks have been designed for maximum rate of water evacuation, resulting in enhanced resistance to aquaplaning.