Tires Yokohama - Geolandar I/T+
Tires Yokohama - Geolandar I/T+
Geolandar I/T+

winter tires
winter tires
4 x 4 tires
4 x 4 tires

  31x10.5R15 109Q TL  
  195/80R15 96 T  
  205/70R15 96 T  
  215/80R15 102 T  
  225/70R15 100 T  
  265/70R15 112 T  
  205/80R16 104 T XL  
  215/65R16 98 T  
  215/70R16 100 T  
  215/80R16 103 T  
  235/60R16 100 T  
  235/70R16 106 T  
  235/80R16 109 T  
  245/70R16 107 T  
  255/65R16 109 T  
  265/70R16 112 T  
  275/70R16 114 T  
  265/65R17 112 T  
  275/65R17 115 T  
  265/60R18 110 H  
Tire information:
The much anticipated new GEOLANDAR I/T + is a well-balanced studless winter tire exclusively for SUVs.
• Stepped shoulder and large shoulder grooves cut into snow to improve grip while cornering.
• On wet surfaces, the directional tread pattern pushes water out from under the tread as the tire rotates to enhance wet traction.
• Smaller tread grooves and larger tread blocks increase traction and stability on dry roads.
• The zigzag interior grooves create long continuous sharp-biting edges that cut through water film and grab more snow for greater traction.
• Wave-shaped sipes increase wet traction and allow the low-temperature rubber compound to grip the icy surface.
• New silica tread compound maintains excellent snow traction while improving performance in wet and dry conditions.