Tires Lassa - MIRATTA
Tires Lassa - MIRATTA

summer tires
summer tires
passenger cars tires
passenger cars tires

  155/11R13 79 T TL  
  165R13 83 T TL  
  175/80R14 88 H TL  
  195/70R14 95 T TL RF  
  195/70R14 91 T TL  
Tire information:
- Three wide longitudinal grooves rapidly displace water - reducing the risk of aquaplaning, improving wet grip
- Special block geometry - reduced tyre noise and improved handling performance and stability
- Z-shaped grooves - ensure excellent roadholding and superior ride comfort
- Variable curvature tread pattern - for a quiet ride
- Computer simulation design creates and maintains a larger road contact area in all weather conditions - for safer braking and cornering
- Special shoulder grooves - maintain high lateral grip, and ensure maximum outflow of water