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03.2010    Kumho Tires Rated Top Level at European Tire Test
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Kumho Tires, one of the world's leading tire manufacturers, announced that its ECSTA HM was assessed 'very recommendable' by Auto Bild which is one of the Europe's most prestigious automotive magazines. Kumho Tires was the only Korean tire manufacturer to receive the top rating, and ranked 3rd place among fourteen tire manufacturers including Michelin, Continental and Dunlop.

The tire test encompassed an assessment of handling, braking, driving comfort and fuel efficiency. ECSTA HM received good ratings in most of the test categories including handling, braking, steering and hydroplaning. Auto Bild wrote, "Kumho Tires' ECSTA HM received high scores in most test categories, especially in those of noise and hydroplaning."

Previously, ECSTA HM also tied 2nd place at tire test by German magazine Autozeitung in 2009. With an upgraded UHP tread compound technology, ECSTA HM boasts enhanced driving stability and extended product life. Europe is one of Kumho Tires' key markets which take up 30% of its overseas sale, and the good ratings will help the company increase the sales of ECSTA HM in the market.

Kumho Tires said, "The ratings reiterate Kumho Tires' acclaim in markets around the world based on its technological prowess and product quality, despite the recent difficulties the company is experiencing." He added, "As the company celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, we will make our utmost efforts to make a significant impact in global market with our accumulated R&D assets."

 In addition to the good rating results, Kumho Tires recently received the 'Manufacturing and Design Innovation Award' for its concept tire at the world's largest Tire Technology Expo held in Cologne, Germany last February. Kumho Tires also won the 'German iF Product Design Award' in 2009, adding to its recognitions for innovative design in global markets.

Auto Bild is one of the most influential automotive magazines in Europe, with circulation of 660,000 copies in 35 countries every week. The magazine's annual tire test results are widely recognized as one of the most credible source for product quality and the most influential data for consumers' actual purchasing decisions.  


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