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The First Taxicab...

One night in New York, around 1906, a businessman called Harry N. Allen got on a cab and traveled for several kilometers. The cab driver took him 5 dollars – which was enough for an expensive suit. Angry about that Allen founded the first taxi company in New York in 1907. He managed to make a capital of 3 million dollars and imported from France 6-cylinder automobiles "‘Darracq" (according to the statistics from that time in 1902 there were 17 million horses and 230 thousand automobiles. In a fortnight, the streets of the big cities were fertilized by 1000 tones of horse waste and 226 000 liters of urine. The environmental problems were very serious even then.)

Having accomplished his goal, in 1909 Allen sold his taxi company and retired. Nowadays, only in New York, the taxicabs and limousines for rent outnumber 80 000.

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